Create, Explore or Edit 3D CAD data

Develop your own — independent — CAD/CAM/CAE application

Eyeshot Pro

Eyeshot Pro

Polygonal modeling, drafting and point cloud.

Eyeshot Ultimate

Eyeshot Ultimate

NURBS and BRep modeling, IGES/STEP and CAM.

Eyeshot Fem

Eyeshot Fem

Geometry meshing and Finite Element Analysis.


Eyeshot is a CAD control for .NET. It supports natively Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation. It is delivered with four different Visual Studio toolbox items: Design for 2D and 3D geometry creation or edit, Drawing for automatic 2D view generation, Simulation for geometry validation using linear static analysis and Manufacture for CNC toolpath generation and simulation. A number of preconfigured viewport styles and configurations are available at design-time. All the features not related to UI are available as a .NET neutral cross-platform core. The installer includes 80 code samples for both WinForms and WPF (and for both C# and VB.NET programming languages) that cover most of the CAD/CAM/CAE recurrent topics.

Why Eyeshot?

Native WinForms and WPF controls

Choose between Mesh, Surface or BRep modeling technologies.

Execute heavy operations asynchronously

Import/export neutral CAD formats

Choose between OpenGL or Direct3D renderer

Neutral .NET cross-platform core

Access all available model data: geometry, topology and assembly tree.

Royalty free licensing model

Key Features

Easy to Use

Our .NET software components cut the time to market of your next CAD application

Get an idea of ​​the 3D graphics our products
can deliver. Focus on geometry and assembly complexity for the mechanical and architectural industries.

What's New

Some highlights from the latest features added.

3D Printing Simulation

PrintSimulationMesh Entity

Extensions Menu

Visual Studio Extensions Menu

Modal Analysis

FEM Modal Analysis

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Easy Licensing and Distribution

Manage your licenses through the devDept account

Licensing FAQ

Eyeshot is licensed per developer. Once you purchase a license, you can build and publish your .NET applications using Eyeshot control. Redistribution licensing is perpetual and royalty-free.

End-User Licensing Agreement

Our End-User License Agreement (EULA) includes information on devDept's licensing, legal agreement, and the terms and conditions that govern software usage.

Source Code Escrow

Protect your vital business applications and software and lower the risk of investing in software that you do not own.

Support and Learning Resources

All the resources you need to get started with your next CAD project

Made with Eyeshot

Explore this Made with Eyeshot showcase to learn how developers around the world employ devDept software components for their
CAD applications based on .NET


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