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We operate in a dynamic environment, and things are subject to change. The information provided on this page is intended to outline the general direction of devDept software products. It is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon when making any purchasing decision. The development, releases and timing of any features or functionality described for devDept software products remain at the sole discretion of devDept. This roadmap does not represent a commitment, obligation or promise to deliver any products to the customer at any time.

Version 2025

Planned for Jan 2025

Priority Feature Description Product
Progress Preview
C SectionView A new view type that support the planar section of the 3D model (Drawing workspace) All 0%  
B ShadedView A new view type that combines VectorView quality with RasterView colors (Drawing workspace) All 0%  
C ScaleBar A new UI element that provides a visual reference of the object size Fem 100% Image
C Lathe A new material removal simulator for lathe machining All 50%  
C BoundingBox The IFace.GetTightBBox() method for all 3D entities All 100%  
C Blink A new debugger visualizer compatible with JetBrains Rider All 80%  
B Offset Full support of NURBS curves during offset (curls included) All 50%  
C Projection A new method to project curves on surface along a direction All 0%  
C Orientation A new -faster- approach in the determination of contour orientation (without using the tessellation) All 100%  
C Visual Studio A number of improvements in the MS Visual Studio integration All 0%  
C Tessellation Full support of tessellation by angle only. This will affect the speed of many internal algorithms like 3D measure, intersections, 3D tight bounding boxes, etc. All 100%  
C MeshEditor A new code sample based on MeshEditor class All 100% Video
C SurfaceMesher A new code sample based on SurfaceMesher class Fem 100% Video
A STEP import Complete refactoring of the ReadSTEP class Ult and up 90%  

Release History

Wondering if our software components are still under development?

Animation of FEA results
Geometrical selection in Leaf selection mode
NET6-Windows toolbox items
Visual Studio Extension Menu
True neutral cross-platform core product
Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
Image-based silhouette drawing
Managed ReadDWG and ReadDXF classes
Improved Space Mouse support
Static selection with halo
Curve, Plane, Surface, and Volume meshers.
NURBS curve and surface extension
MeshEditor class
Lighter BRep tessellation
Document classes
GCodeSimulator code sample



Geometric kernel / UI separation (stage I)
Minimum Framerate and Progressive Drawing
New transparency in Assembly Edit mode
2D Constraint Solver and SketchEntity
Eyeshot FEM edition and volume mesher
Histogram UI element
NURBS curve to line/arc conversion
Lead and Ramp colors
Contour Offset
Region Booleans
Redesigned licensing
New Installer
Visual Studio 2022 & Windows 11 support

Hatch entity
BOM and Balloons
Improved VectorView selection
ArcDimension import (as angular) from DWG/DXF
Multi-file read/write
Lazy loading
Manufacture environment with classes for defining milling setups, tools, 2x and 3x milling strategies, leads & ramps and stocks. Manufacture environment includes the material removal simulation with true sweeps for ball, bull nose and flat end mills.
Accurate collision detection went under a complete refactoring and now is much faster
ReadPDF class
WorkManager, an asynchronous WorkUnit queue manager.
NVidia Grid support
Improved small text rendering
Parallel2D milling strategy
APT tool support (for simulation only)
Stock by geometry
Tool holder collision detection during simulation
SimulationTimeline UI element
3x milling GCode import and simulation
Stock, SimulationStock, MachiningPlane and MachiningBoundary entities
Hatch entity
Balloon entity
FastMesh entity
CamDemo sample
CabinetDesigner sample
Parallel2D milling strategy
APT tool support (for simulation only)
Stock by geometry
Tool holder collision detection during simulation
SimulationTimeline UI element
3x milling GCode import and simulation



ReadGCode class and a new entity called Toolpath
Billboard drawing for Text entities defined inside a Block
Length/Perimeter/Area/Mass for Object/Face/Edge/Curve with proper linear and mass units
ReadJT class to read tessellation from Siemens JT files (up to version 9.5)
Native multitouch implementation in WPF control
RootBlock paradigm. Eyeshot 2020 includes a default Block that represents the scene root.
Seamless navigation through assemblies, with endless edit/open command combinations.
Progressive Turbo representation during assembly navigation
Improved Zoom/Pan/Rotate/ZoomFit on large assemblies with Turbo enabled
New, convex hull based, zoom fit. Includes dedicated settings for fitting huge 2D drawings.
Collision detection intersection volumes
Display angles in the degrees/minutes/seconds format in angular dimensions
Color for dimension text
Load thumbnail image from DWG files
Multiple origin symbols per Viewport
Proper illumination on BlockReference with mirror transformation
Clipping boundary in the Picture entity
FemMesh slice
Radial/Diametric dimensions in Drawings environment
Improved texture mapping for Brep entity
Improved small object culling and frustum culling during dynamic movements
Write/Read entities by reference
3D PDF output document customization: sample document (download the file to view the 3d content)
Read thickness of AutoCAD wires
BRep booleans with tangent faces
WebForms and ASP.NET MVC code samples
Super-fast zoom and pan on complex views
Super-fast geometry snapping on complex views
Top-quality vector views: polylines and arcs in place of thousands of micro linear segments
Associativity between Brep edges and VectorView items
Reduced memory footprint of Drawings environment
Increased VectorView rebuild speed
Improved printing quality with text as text and arc as arc (this makes PDF output text searchable)
Improved VectorView rebuild progress notification and interruption
Jaw-dropping ability to edit and add dimensions while other views are rebuilding
Improved PaperSpace sample with support for angular and ordinate dimensions and the ability to edit views
Improved DrawingsUserControl for changing individual view properties (hidden lines, position, colors, scale) and for creating dimensions inside the VectorView block
Improved quality of copy to clipboard and EMF export output
Improved quality of Drawings DWG/DXF export
Added support for the 3D mouse in Drawings environment
Improved processing of Drawings printing
Improved drawing of selected and pending rebuild views
Added view placeholder when a rebuild is pending
Revamped PaperSpace sample promoted to PaperDemo
Updated ODA libraries to version 2021.4
Added LinearPath.ExtrudeAsMesh, Solid, Surface and BRep for sheet metal flanges

Environments: Model, Drawings and Simulation environments. Environments are variants of the Eyeshot control tailored for their specific scope.
Drawings: Drawings environment embodies the AutoCAD’s Paper Space. This new control supports ISO and ANSI sheets formats, title blocks, vector and raster views, metric and imperial units, bidirectional exchange with AutoCAD® layouts and read/write from proprietary file format.
Table entity
Teigha SWIG, we replaced the deprecated Teigha .NET Classic with Teigha SWIG platform for DWG/DXF interoperability.
WritePDF class that allows the geometry export to 3D PDF file format
Improved LAS file format import and export added
BRep import/export in DWG/DXF file format
TempEntities, used to highlight an item or a workflow in your application.
Improved lighting
Clipping with capping feature has been extended to multiple planes
A new, less intrusive, native renderer for WPF control
Turbo drawing mode to improve Zoom/Pan/Rotate dynamic movements speed. It kicks in when the scene complexity goes beyond a specified threshold and it supports the most complex dataset.
BRep drawing speed improvement
ObjectManipulator style customization
Proprietary file format thumbnail view
Brep.SubdivideBy() and Brep.Face.SubdivideBy() to allow better face coloring or geometry preparation for Finite Element Analysis
Instance visibility: toggle visibility at BlockReference instance level. The AssemblyBrowser sample was updated do demonstrate this feature.
PaperSpace, AssemblyDemo, ComputeDistance and TempEntities code samples
Dataset assembly replaced by source code



Proprietary file format, a versioned and extensible binary file format that includes geometry, geometry+tessellation, tessellation only read and write options to leverage file size versus loading speed
Collision Detection using OBB, Octree and accurate intersections.
IFC file import, with all the relevant properties, containers and hierarchy structures.
Asynchronous regeneration, Regeneration engine now works on a separate thread to avoid blocking the application user interface.
Clipped object capping
3DS file import
Octree data structure to increase speed of FindClosestTriangle() method on large datasets
Dimension tolerances
DWG 2018 support
Massive use of KeyedCollections
RobotArm, AnimatedPicture, PerformanceStudio, Wing and FileFormatExtension code samples.

BRep Booleans: allow building and exporting Manifold BRep solids with the same accuracy and topology of mainstream 3D CAD systems.
Assembly environment, set component as current or isolate it, change assembly selection mode between branch and leaf and zoom fit a specific component in the assembly structure.
Mixed units, the ability to insert a block with units as millimeters in a drawing with units as inches with proper scaling
Support for AutoCAD line types
Write Surface and Solid3D entities as surfaces in DWG/DXF
WebGL export
A number of classes derived from CompositeCurve and Region to build shapes like rounded rectangle, hexagon, slot and circular slot on any 3D plane.
Multiple toolbars
ViewportLayout.CreateReferenceImage() and CompareWithReferenceImage() for 3D scene visual testing
Support for DWG files with circular references
ICurve.OffsetToRegion() to generate a Region entity from a planar curve and a distance
Improved support for WPF styles and templates
ViewportLayout.CopyTo(ViewportLayout) to simplify the creation of a new control with the same content of the original one
Support for Block/BlockReference in IGES write (Types 308, 408)
Support for Solid3D in IGES write (Type 186)
WriteXML class to export geometry in an easy to read XML file
Alpha map support for materials
Filled text in 2D vector layouts
SelectTriangles code sample



Remote Desktop Connection for WPF control
Point clouds import from LAS files
Support for AutoCAD SHX fonts
Volume rendering (see VolumeRendering source code sample)
Improved FeatureDetection code sample
Routing code sample
Support for Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015
Eyeshot Tools, a new utility application for activation, projects upgrade, samples unlock, laptop machine detection.
Solid3D watertight triangulation, silhouette drawing and texture mapping.
Text entity conversion to Nurbs curves and Region entities
Layer.Exportable property
Selection filter to enable selection on object faces, edges, vertices.
SelectVisibleByPickDynamic action to allow selection dynamic highlight
Text.Billboard property to see the text always parallel to screen
Leader entity
Solid3D.IsPointInside(), Section() and IntersectionCurves() methods
Region.ExtrudeAsSolid3D(), RevolveAsSolid3D() and SweepAsSolid3D()
Improved 2D triangulation
Lighting property for all User Interface elements. When false. a new flat UI style is used.
Resolution independence in WPF control to support 4k monitors
WPF MVVM code sample
UtilityEx.ConxexHull() method for 3D convex hull computation
ICurve.IntersectWith() method
Face selection for Mesh and Solid entities

Native WPF control
Additional renderer for WinForms: DirectX
Simplified DWG/DXF import/export
DWG 2015 file format support
Asynchronous file write through WriteFileAsynch class
LinearPath entity inflating
Improved BlockReference attributes via AttributeReference class
FEM pressure loading
FEM mapped meshing
True FEM mesh planar section
2D and 3D FEM Beam elements with hinge support
FemDemo, TextOnCurve and DraftAnalysis source code samples
Zoom fit can take in account 3D labels
Magnifying glass under mouse cursor
ProjectConverter, a tool that will help migrating your Eyeshot 7.0 based projects to Eyeshot 8.0
Texture mapping on Surface entity
Smaller and faster setup
Online documentation



Solid3D entity (BRep)
MultilineText entity
AngularDim entity
Faster IGES/STEP import for BRep
Support for free point/curve entities and layers in STEP import
Support for color modulation in point clouds
Curve and Surface curvature plots
Support for multiple font styles for text-based entities
Support for raster images in DWG/DXF import/export
DraftingDemo and AssemblyBrowser samples
Support for Windows 8.1 and Visual Studio 2013
Support for Kinect for Windows 1.8
Support for .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile
A completely new design-time experience

Region entity
Booleans between Region entities
FastPointCloud entity
Surface reconstruction from point cloud
Mesh cut by plane
Mesh and Solid point inside check
IFace.Section() method
Semitransparent curves support
Asynchronous file import and ReadAutodesk, ReadASC, ReadSTL, ReadOBJ, ReadIGES and ReadSTEP classes
CNC offset and pocket
Curve and surface fillet
Curve and surface offset
FemMesh clip by plane
Smarter and faster FEM solver
Fem 2D and 3D truss elements
LeaderAndImage label
Object manipulator widget
ViewCube widget
Previous and next views selection
Multiple grids support
Three additional selection modes based on polygons
Ability to replace the coordinate system icon with a custom Mesh
AutoCAD 2013 file format support
Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 support
Multi-touch support for Zoom/Pan/Rotate, selection, etc.
Intel HD based Windows 8 tablet devices support
Microsoft Surface Pro support



Multi-viewport support
Planar reflections
Realistic shadows
Label selection
Materials and immediate change propagation in the scene
Mesh subdivision by plane
Entity grouping (Ctrl-G, Ctrl+Shift+G)
Improved data translation
Text entity extrusion and outline
Area and Mass properties computation
Built-in support for 3Dconnexion 3D mouse
Built-in support for Microsoft® Kinect™ Sensor (PointCloud, Skeleton, Players, camera angle)
Improved Grid UI element

Import/export of the STEP file format
Import of AutoCAD Solid3D entity
Import of IGES manifold entity
Parallel entity regeneration
Geometry simplification during dynamic movements
Active toolbar during dynamic movements
New FeatureDetection, CustomReadWrite and Reactions samples
Circle and Arc by three points constructors
.NET Framework 4 x64 DLLs
Improved interactive Zoom and Rotate
Rotate to face command
HiddenLines display mode
Display mode settings
Vector based imaging/printing with analytical hidden lines removal
Vector based copy to clipboard and export to *.dwg, *.dxf and *.emf
Customizable toolbar
Redesigned progress bar
Customizable viewport border
Legend as a standard User Interface element
Improved render to bitmap
Option to keep the Grid behind the drawing
Composite curve
Radial and diametric dimensions
3D linear and quadratic FEM elements
3D FEM solver
2D and 3D Joint elements
Support for nodal temperature
Reactions computation
15 different result plots
Ability to import Lusas files
Mesh, Solid and Surface section
Mesh, Solid and Surface sweep
Curve offset
WorkUnit class to simplify the development of modeling tasks in background
Task Parallel Library implementation to improve triangulation, meshing and FEM solver



Repaint without redrawing the whole scene
Support for semi-transparent bitmaps in Picture entity
Ability to skip drawing of small entities on screen
Support for AutoCAD 2010 file format
Sketch plane constructors
Picture entity
More flexible AlignedDim
More powerful Mesh entity
More powerful PointCloud entity
PlanarSurface, TabSurface and RevSurface
Layers support
Automatic visual refinement tolerance estimation
Animation kernel based on Block/BlockReference
Curves and surfaces trim/intersection
Labels auto-hide
Select by box enclosed selection method
GetAllVisibleEntities(), GetAllCrossingEntities() and GetAllEnclosedEntities() methods
Faster FEM mesher and solver engines
Line types support
Full transparency support
Designer smart tags
Improved BlockReference support
Export to OBJ with full material support
Export to ASCII STL with multi-part support
Bidirectional support for AutoCAD Attribute and XData

Multicolor PointCloud
Cubic, Cylindrical and Spherical texture mapping for RichMesh entity
Full design-time support in Visual Studio
Local rotation
Zoom at cursor position
Quaternion based Camera object
Orientation mode
Grid object
Up to four independent lights
Up to four independent clipping planes
Custom keys modifiers for Zoom/Pan/Rotate
Fully customizable origin symbol
New shadow algorithm
Automatic entity regeneration and compile
Completely new and more powerful Transformation class
ShadedAndWireframe display mode
SetCameraView method supporting Bottom, Front, Right, Rear, Left, Top, Isometric, Dimetric, Trimetric views
International character support
Entity copy and paste through Windows clipboard
Resolution control for default printing
Support for AutoCAD PolyfaceMesh and PolygonMesh entities