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What's New

A quick look at new features in Eyeshot 2022

Eyeshot 2022 introduces the Constraint Solver, Minimum Frame Rate and Progressive Drawing, SketchEntity, Histogram UI element and many other super-useful features.

Fem Edition is back!

Eyeshot FEM edition is back in this version. It now includes a TET4/TET10 volume mesher (the one and only 100% pure .NET on the market) with mesh control, multi-material support, vertex/edge/face boundary conditions application and much more.

Minimum Framerate and Progressive Drawing

Eyeshot can now load and spin geometry of any complexity removing small objects and adding them back progressively once the end-user stops moving. This process ends when the model drawing is completed and prevents any UI block during geometry navigation.

2D Constraint Solver

Eyeshot 2022 includes a professional 2D constraint solver that can be used for different purposes: individual 2D parametric sketches, mechanism design, adding features to existing BRep objects, history based parametric modeling. Current limitations include: constraint labels can overlap, lack of copy and paste of sketch entities.

Histogram UI Element

Introduced to display FEM mesh element quality, the Histogram UI element can now be used for customer application-specific needs.

Of course, there are more features and improvements:

  • Geometric Kernel / UI separation (Stage I)
  • NURBS curve to Line/Arc conversion
  • Toolpath lead and ramp colors
  • Improved contour offset
  • Improved region booleans
  • Redesigned licensing
  • New MSI based installer
  • Visual Studio 2022 & Windows 11 support