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Eyeshot Everywhere

Access your 3D content from any device

This demo has been developed to demonstrate how Eyeshot can be used from any device.

For this demo we are using an expensive GPU server and to save on the bills you'll find it turned off. In a production environment it will be always turned on for instant access. Thanks for your patience.

The purpose of the demo is to test our CAD control capabilities on any device, including tablets and phones.


  • The startup time will disappear in a production environment
  • You'll find the options to switch between mouse or touch input modes
  • The model, a real world 3D CAD geometry, contains 600k vertices. Courtesy of Mr. Damian Rafferty.

Demo machine specifications:

  • Cloud Workstation with 4 CPUs and 16GB RAM
  • Windows OS
  • Powered by AWS or Azure

The demo is currently unavailable due to a Frame’s server migration.
We are waiting for feedback from them, stay tuned!

Instant Content Sharing

Would you be interested in instant sharing of your geometry? Something that works on all devices like in the image below? If we find a small number of customers willing to pay a monthly fee for this service, we would be glad to implement it.

This could be the workflow:

  1. Load a model in your application
  2. Click the "Share" button on the Eyeshot toolbar
  3. You are served with a temporary URL
  4. Share this URL with somebody and she/he will be able to see your geometry on a Frame instance managed by us

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