Why Eyeshot

  • Add 3D views to your .NET application in minutes
  • Select between Mesh, Solid or Surface modeling technologies
  • Do heavy modeling operations asynchronously
  • Import/export standard CAD formats
  • Analyze your models with Finite Element Method
  • Produce 2D vector layouts
  • Learn from 46 ready to use source code samples in both C# and VB.NET

Eyeshot is the perfect solution for developers who are looking to add advanced, feature rich, visually appealing 3D viewports to their Windows Forms applications. With interactive Zoom/Pan/Rotate, four different shading modes, eight selection methods, layers support and professional imaging/printing you get the most out of your 3D models.

Eyeshot includes a full assortment of entity types, including curves, polyhedral meshes, surfaces, solids and point clouds. Modeling tools include triangulation and meshing, boolean operations, curve and surfaces trim/fillet/offset/intersection and surface reconstruction from point clouds. The support for standard CAD formats allows geometry import/export.

The product is easy to deploy: a single, managed, strongnamed assembly. Assemblies can be distributed using XCopy or the global assembly cache.

It is written in managed C# and provides integration with Visual Studio .NET IDE. This allows Visual Studio .NET programmers to leverage their current programming language (C# or Visual Basic .NET) when programming with Eyeshot. The product is based on a per developer licensing scheme, and it is royalty-free to distribute.

Testimonials / What Our Customers Say

  • Like all technical products of this nature its the after sales support that will ultimately ensure a successful implementation. I can honestly say that the support we have received from devDept has been absolutely first class. Its always friendly, fast and succinct. These guys certainly want to do everything they can to ensure the customer gets the best from Eyeshot. The product itself is comprehensive and powerful and certainly covers everything we need for our projects. It has saved us hundreds of hours of base level development and it has proved to be very reliable and stable. We look forward to the continued evolution of a great product.
    Steve Thomas, CIM Solutions
  • We were faced with the problem of adding a cool looking 3D view of our product into our CAD software to bring it a step on from the fairly boring 2D drawings we had on the previous version. We had looked through a number of other toolkits and they all had their pros and cons but Eyeshot had all the features we needed and allowed us very easily to build a 3D model of our components in code and allow them to be manipulated by the software. The toolkit has that fine balance of having enough features to do what you need and yet remaining simple enough for the developer who is not a 3D expert. All together it took about 4 days from downloading the toolkit to having done an evaluation version in our software that displayed our component in 3D view. You can select parts within it, spin it around and modify it. I’d recommended anyone to give this one a look if you are evaluating.
    Guy Rutter, Fabsec
  • We develop a CAD and metrology solutions in .NET framework environment, so we looked for good 3D visualization component. After short evaluation we choose Eyeshot Professional as our main component for 3D visualization. It took couple of weeks to integrate the component to our lead project, and we were ready with very nice release. The big benefit and advantage I see in using the Eyeshot is that is, very good Object Oriented designed. Almost everything can be overridden and custom functionality can be added very easily. If you project is .NET oriented and you are looking for 3D visualization component, I am strongly suggest you to evaluate the Eyeshot component.
    Eli Zeitlin, Optimet