Add CAD capabilities to
your .NET Applications

Eyeshot version 6 includes surface reconstruction from point cloud,
Region and FastPointCloud entities, Nurbs curve and surface fillet,
chamfer and offset. ViewCube and ObjectManipulator widgets.
Asynchronous file import and multi-touch support.

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Free Your Imagination

Combine multiple data sources, input
devices and CAD entity types as has
never been possible before

Import your dataset from file or from Visual Studio resources or from
database. Allow end-users to interact using keyboard, mouse, 3D mouse,
multi-touch screen or Kinect. Select between Mesh, Solid and Nurbs
surface modeling technologies to unleash your creativity.

Developing CAD Applications
has never been so easy fun!

Eyeshot is the only 100% .NET CAD component on the market. With 46
source code samples (in both C# and VB.NET) it’s also the easiest to learn.

Key Features

What's New in Eyeshot 7

Solid3D entity

Eyeshot 7 adds long-awaited support for BRep inspection of solids imported via STEP and IGES. Solid3D entity exposes object unique vertices, edges and faces. Each face, exposes trim loops as a collection of oriented edges that, in turn, reference the unique edge curves.

User Interface element customization

Eyeshot 7 also introduce the ability to customize User Interface elements from a tree view. Using the tree view you can easily examine or modify the User Interface element layout. In addition, in place element edit is now supported.

Preset Manager

Select between a number of preconfigured viewport styles and configurations. The preset manager helps you to decide how many viewports to use, their theme, camera orientation and much more.

Curvature analysis

This new tool can be useful to show if and where there may be anomalies in the curvature of a surface.


Thanks to the new DraftingDemo source code sample you can easily create your own 2D CAD application in minutes. Supported features include interactive entity and dimension drawing, grid and object snapping (End, Mid, Cen, Quad, Point) and vector based printing.


Eyeshot 7 brings multiple improvements to font support: the ability to display different font faces and styles and the MultilineText entity.

Faster STEP/IGES import

The introduction of the Solid3D entity provided a considerable loading time reduction compared to previous versions. This is especially true for STEP file format but also IGES and DWG benefit by this improvement.