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Eyeshot 8 released

The first native CAD control for WPF is here

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What is Eyeshot?

Eyeshot is a 3D graphics and CAD control for .NET Framework. Using it, it's as simple as dragging the Visual Studio toolbox item on your form and start drawing using your preferred .NET programming language.

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Free Your Imagination

Combine multiple data sources, input devices and CAD entity types as has never been possible before. Import your dataset from file or from Visual Studio project resources or from database. Allow end-users to interact using keyboard, mouse, 3D mouse, fingers or Kinect® sensor. Select between Mesh, Solid and Nurbs surface modeling technologies to unleash your creativity.

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Developing CAD Applications has never been so easy fun!

Eyeshot is the only 100% .NET CAD component on the market. With 50+ source code samples (in both C# and VB.NET programming languages and for both WinForms and WPF platforms) it’s also the easiest to learn.

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