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Breaking Changes in Eyeshot version 11

This page lists the important behavior and API changes that were introduced in this version. If you already have projects using devDept Software products, you will need to peruse this list in order to understand the changes you might need to make to your source code to support this new release.


Breaking Changes

BC-81 KeyedCollection All master collection classes (Layer, LinePattern, Material, TextStyle, Block) are now defined as KeyedCollections and use string as key
BC-82 Proprietary file format
  • Renamed Material.environmentMappingTexture property as EnvironmentMappingTexture
  • Text and MultilineText: constructors with the Plane as parameter now use Plane.Origin as insertion point instead of Point3D.Origin [e.g. public Text(Plane textPlane, string textString, double height, alignmentType alignment, string style, bool simplify)]
  • Changed Joint.SubdivisionLevel property from uint to byte for CLS compliance
  • Classes derived from CompositeCurve and Region (like RectangularCompositeCurve and RectuangularRegion) are now deprecated. Static methods like CompositeCurve.CreateRectangle or Region.CreateRectangle were added for this purpose.
  • Removed Dimension.NumberOfDecimals property (already deprecated in previous version)
  • For all the WriteXXX classes, the constructors accepting master collections as parameters are now deprecated, constructors that accept WriteParamsXXX classes were added
  • Renamed WriteFileAsyncWithAttributes class to WriteFileAsyncWithUnits

Detailed changes at field, methods, types and interfaces and abstract classes level.

Eyeshot version 11 is based on .NET Framework 4.5


Release Notes

A (limited) support for old graphics cards with DirectX11 9_3 feature level is available with the following additional limitations: no planar reflections, no two sided lighting, four lights instead of eight, no point or spot lights, no width for lines and points.